Arabic Malaga

Discover the world of the Arabic of Málaga! We will visit the Arab fortes- castle, taste Moroccan cuisine and finish the tour at the relaxing baths Hammam Al Andalus.

In the 7th century Spain was conquered by the Moors, who came from northwestern Africa and founded their own independent state.  Their reign in the south lasted for seven centuries.  The Moors called this place “Al-Andalus”, which in Arabic means paradise. Arabs and Berbers left an indelible mark of the eastern culture and architecture in the southern cities of Spain. We invite you to spend an unforgettable day in Málaga, enjoying an incredible variety of history, culture, gastronomy, and Arab baths with a relaxing massage. The excursion takes about 5 hours and includes:

  1. Visiting Alcazaba – a military fortress-palace built in the tenth century, overlooking a wonderful view of the city. The Palace is designed in a unique style Nazari, which can be seen only in the south of Spain. (1:30 hours)
  2. Visiting a Moroccan restaurant, where we will enjoy traditional oriental dishes. The menu includes: an appetizer, a main dish, a dessert (oriental sweets) and one drink (wine/beer/soft drink). (1:30 hours)
  3. Hammam Al Andalus is a combination of the Arab baths and Roman thermal baths. It is the largest hammam in Spain with an area of ​​1,300 square meters. It is designed in Arabic style Nazari, reminiscent of the Alhambra in Granada. Hammam has 5 swimming pools with different temperatures (18, 36, and 40 degrees), Turkish dry sauna, and hot marble stones to relax muscles. You will enjoy a relaxing massage (15 min.) with a natural oil, the smell of which you can choose according to your taste (lavender/jasmine/rose/sweet cranberry). (1:30 hours)

Do not miss the opportunity to learn the history of Moorish Málaga and try oriental cuisine, finishing the tour at the Arab baths with a relaxing massage!

Price: from 75 €/person.

Duration: 4 to 4 ½ hours.

Included in cost: Guide service, tickets to Alcazaba, traditional Moroccan menu includes: appetizer, main dish, dessert, and one drink (wine / beer / soft drink), visit to Hammam Al Andalus to fifteen minutes relaxing massage.

What to bring: comfortable shoes, water, swimsuit, shampoo.


  • This tour requires the presence of a minimum of 2 people.
  • If the tour is not confirmed at least two days in advance, it will automatically be canceled.
  • You can pay a deposit of 30% of the total tour price. This will guarantee that you will attend the tour. Otherwise, the guide can change the date or time, upon consultation with you, or cancel the excursion at any time.
  • If you pay the deposit and want to cancel the excursion, you need to do at least 48 hours in advance and your deposit will be refunded with the exception of any banking fees. Any cancelations  less than 48 hours before the tour will not be refunded.

The price of the excursion:

The price of the tour for up to 4 persons: 85 € / person.
The price of the tour for 5 to 7 persons: 75 € / person.